Fairplay is a simple role playing game. It was invented by brothers Alexander and Peter Khost in 1995. A PDF version of the character sheet can be downloaded here.

Fairplay Rules

Each player identifies him/herself as some sort of character (sky's the limit) & draws a representation of their character— the more complex the better. Each player is allotted a certain amount of Burn Out Points (BOP) from 1-10 (drawn blindly). The Game Master (GM) appoints an objective for the game. Each turn (comprised of one single action on each player's part, clockwise) will be decided by the flip of a coin (heads=action is effective; tails=action fails). If the action is effective, the character continues toward their objective. If it fails, the GM decides the fate of the character, including a likely decrease in BOP. The actions of the players are limited to one per turn and must allow the GM and other characters time to react. The characters may not act beyond the limitations of their abilities or the limitations of the game. However, each player is allowed one "Fairplay" once a game— whereby the completely improbable or impossible may occur. If the majority rules the request to be "Fairplay," the action is effective. All players—including the character attempting the Fairplay—and the GM get one equal vote (ties are ruled in favor of the character's Fairplay). If a Fairplay request is overruled (usually due to a stupid submission, such as "I win the game automatically"), then the Fairplay fails, the character's Fairplay option is used up for the game, and the rest of the characters should laugh heartily. If a player runs out of BOPs, they are out of action for two rounds (two clockwise rotations skipping their place), after which time they will come back fully restored in the place they left off. No other characters may aggravate, humiliate, or otherwise act upon other characters when they are out of action. Once every five rounds each player must feed their addiction of lose ten BOPs. All players must play according to their character's traits, making use of their possessions and abilities (and feeling the hindrance of their inhibitions or limitations). Players who do not abide by their character's personalities must undergo the punishment of the GM's discretion (usually resulting in a loss of BOPs). Once a player accomplishes the GM's predetermined goal for the game, each other player receives one last turn of play (judged by a coin flip). Then the game is over and you all go home.

Character Traits


BOP (Burn Out Points, 1-10):


Personal habit(s):

Despised thing(s):


Reason(s) for a total mental breakdown:


Special abilities:





Drawn representation: