A series on of the systemic discrimination of youth.

(Self-Directed) Education is a Political Act

A look at the various current definitions of “freedom” in Self-Directed Education, their historic roots, and their correlation to political ideologies.

The Misuse of Words

As deschoolers, a lot of us use inaccurate words when discussing Self-Directed Education. What are more precise words that we can use and why does this matter? And when do we need to make up our own words?

The Art of Self-Direction

An attempt to explain Self-Directed Education in twenty minutes.

An Interview with Jim Flannery

The founder of Peer Unschooling Network talks about the projects he is working on and his experiences with mental health rights and children’s rights.

Seas Rising Up, Youth Rising Up

On Friday several self-directed learning centers in New York City joined thousands of other young people worldwide as they walked out of school on climate strike

Racial Equity in Self-Directed Education

A transcript of the panelists at the Heartwood ALC Liberation & Education Summit 2019.

Role for Initiative

An examination of role playing games as a microcosm of healthy Self-Directed Education environments

An Intersection

Musings on the best possible way to be with one another

Friends of the Modern School Interview

An interview with Leo Goldman and Jon Thoreau Scott, former students of the anarchistic Stelton Modern School.